Sunday, August 30, 2009

My love of cooking

For those of you that know us, know that we LOVE to cook! For me I look back at my life and think it was just meant to be. The majority of jobs that I've had all have been with food. Working at the food court at the University of Oklahoma, working the grill and managing at Chill Out in Provo, UT, bussing tables and then becoming a sushi chef at the Happy Sumo and my small go at serving at J. Alexander's this last summer. At everyone of these jobs that I had the chance to cook, I'd just itch in anticipation for the next time I got to go home and visit my family. I'd tap out my parent's food budget for the week and go buy supplies. I'd make them everything I'd learn how to make at my new jobs. It was awesome!

Working at the Happy Sumo was by far the best opportunity food wise I'd ever gotten. I started off as a busser. Cleaned tables about 4 days a week and milked the 50% discount on the sushi every chance I got. The restaurant got busy and they started looking for new chefs and when I found this out I definitely let the manager know I wanted to learn. Even though I'm as white as they come I figured they'd be better off training me since they new me than taking their chances on someone new!

I guess all the begging paid off because after 9 months of bussing tables they finally let me get my hands "fishy"!!

After 2 years of making sushi at Happy Sumo and several 50+ catering jobs making sushi for friends, family and classmates, my love for the culinary arts is sealed!!

Since starting dental school down in the south my opportunities to put my passion to work have been few and far between but I love every chance I get!

I hope for my family and friends and anyone else that gets the chance to read this blog that you can share in me and my wife's passion for cooking!

"Retired" Sushi Chef


  1. If you ever come back to Utah, I would love to have you teach me some sushi techniques. I am too scared to attempt it on my own, but with someone who has it down pat, I would love to learn!

    Keep me in mind next time you guys are in The 'Tah.

  2. Don't worry, we have big big sushi party coming up so we will make sure to post some picture how to's. An we'll be back in utah sooner than later.