Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hey Good Lookin' What Ya Got Cookin'

A couple cooks, what? I know cheesy right? We just love it though. The both of us. Ry guy loves to throw down some sushi, and people love Ry when he throws down sushi. As for me, I just love the kitchen.
I love to cook all meals and of course, most importantly, dessert. We live deep down in the south and can never share our love for cooking with our friends and family, but thank you Internet for creating this opportunity for us.
I'm not promising any expert photos, and I'm no writer, but we will share with you lots of food. So put on your eatin pants.


  1. Hey Tam,
    I have a couple awesome banana bread recipes and a great cheesecake recipe you could mess with if you'd like.

  2. Just read your comment....will do.